Sophie’s Story: My 20-Year Battle with Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Sophie's Story With Irritable Bowel Syndrome
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In this book she offers a very real and often heart-wrenching account of what it is like to live with IBS day after day. Like fibromyalgia, IBS is often not really understood by doctors and the public alike. It can be dismissed as a psychological problem, one induced by stress, or a condition that gives you a few aches and pains and a bit of diarrhoea or constipation now and again. Sophie wants to put the record straight and allow people to learn facts about IBS from somebody who has lived with it for many years, to dispel the myths that often surround it and to share tips and advice about treatment that she has accumulated over the years.

Sophie will have you bursting into laughter and welling up with tears as she describes the intense pain of IBS, the unpredictability of the symptoms, her frustrating encounters with doctors, her ever-growing obsession with bathrooms and the overwhelming embarrassment of bowel problems. Sophie was so embarrassed about her symptoms that she told no one about her condition for many years, not even her family.

She wants to encourage others to reach out to friends and family and not to suffer alone. IBS can take over your whole life affecting your work life, social life, any plans you want to make, in fact everything you want to do and having the support and understanding of those around you is invaluable. Over the years, Sophie has tried many different treatments, some with more success than others. She describes different supplements and therapies that are available for IBS and that may work for you. She has found a gluten-free diet to be the most beneficial for reducing her symptoms, and combined with various supplements is now almost symptom-free.

Sophie is the founder of the website blog www. Sophie first started her blog as a way of venting her feelings and to help her track the efficacy of new treatments in the form of an online diary. She includes some of her entries in the book which really help you to get an idea of the all-consuming affect IBS can have on your life.

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This is a book that gets to the heart of the matter and lets you know in no uncertain terms that you are not alone, there are treatments that can help and there are people out there who really do understand. User Name. Remember Me. Help on the National helpline.

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My "IBS Story" - Irritable Bowel Syndrome Sucks

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But I think the most obvious mistake I made, looking back, was to be so secretive about my illness at work. I hope w. Join a Support Group. They prescribed every drug for reflux but they only made the diarrhea worse. February 20, Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

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Book Review - Sophie's Story

It is not that simple. Nor is it a bowel that can be relieved and then put back to sleep. If I am going to have diarrhea in the car then that is where I am going to have diarrhea, whether I have been to the bathroom or not. If your mother took one pill and was cured, she did not have IBS.


Does it work that way for any other illness? Do all epilepsy sufferers do the same thing to cure themselves? Do all arthritis patients stop eating oranges and get better? You did not have IBS. Have you had a stomachache for twenty years? Well, be quiet then. I love this one. I suppose this is partly understandable. If I was a doctor I would want to have as few IBS patients as possible, because we can be very difficult to treat. They feel like the doctor belittled their problems, gave them no new advice, or implied that their symptoms were neurosis in disguise.

Doctors can be disappointing people. If I was feeling unwanted and in need of some attention, the first thing I would do is pretend to have a bowel problem. Yes, you lonely people! IBS sufferers often find that they have to take a lot of time off work and they sometimes miss very important meetings or events.

It can be almost impossible to travel. But what are we supposed to do? Turn up to the meeting and sit there in excruciating pain?

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"I've had irritable bowel syndrome for twenty years. For most of my life I have lived with urgent diarrhea, horrible constipation and agonizing stomach pain. My new book, Sophie's Story, tells my complete IBS life story from food poisoning at the age of

Turn up and run to the bathroom every five minutes while still in excruciating pain? From what I hear, we often do. If there was a visible sign on every sufferer to show how much pain we were in, no one would accuse us of malingering.

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I did say that, but that was last week. This week I feel like death.

Next week I may feel like a banana. It varies quite a lot, you know.