SAIL ON : Insights About Life and Leadership From Wind and Water

Sail on : Insights about Life and Leadership from Wind and Water
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These postures, and several others, help stranded spiders stay alive, the researchers said.

by Melissa Deveney

And that's a very good thing, not just for the spider, but for the entire ecosystem that the spider inhabits, according to Hayashi, who said that many of the species that exhibit these water-dancing behaviors play an important role as predators in their respective environments. This predatory role becomes even more essential when a spider is one of the first creatures to inhabit an environment for instance, a newly burned forest or the land surrounding a recently erupted volcano. They come very quickly and become the top predators," said Hayashi, who explained that such predators are needed to control the populations of insects that also typically colonize such habitats.

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Is it possible to explain the secrets of life and leadership through the process of competitive sailing? You be the judge. Read on to unveil the mystery and power of what lies beneath the surface in your place of work, your family and your life. Compre Sail On: Insights About Life and Leadership from Wind and Water (​English Edition) de Melissa Deveney na Confira também os eBooks.

The study explains how spiders have been able to colonize such places, even when it means crossing a body of water, according to Todd Blackledge, abiology professor at the University of Akron in Ohio, who was not involved in the study. Blackledge also said that he has observed spiders propelling themselves across the water over "quite long distances. The researchers are also exploring whether or not sailing spiders are affected by the saltiness of the water.

If they're not bothered by salt water, then it's possible that these remarkable arachnids could quite literally sail the high seas. Follow Elizabeth Palermo techEpalermo. We did get home safely — slower than originally planned, with humility and more learning about my mistakes and how to improve next time. Learning and developing our sailing skills is a life long journey, just as in leadership. What did I learn and re-learn about Leadership and myself?

Lots of cups of tea always help! Apparently when they send a rocket to the moon they send the rocket at the right time, in the right direction and keep tweaking its direction on the journey to eventually accurately hit the target.

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As so many un-predicted changes happen they have to continually adjust in order to get to the target Use the changes to help get to your destination — even though at times it might feel like going backwards. Facebook Facebook. Related Posts.

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