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I feel that i may nervous laugh. I constantly get high stress levels with school work and become anxious. Sometimes I feel that i need to contribute to a conversation during a silence. However i never know what i should say and blurt out ridiculous sentences. Then i would suddenly start laughing in an out of control manner. My throat would start hurting and I would find it difficult to breath. The laugh itself is very unnatural.

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I find it difficult to stop. I do get self concious sometimes and my friends react unnervingly. I also find it extremely hard to talk to the opposite sex. Do you think i nervous laugh? It is possible David.

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I recommend you learn how to meditate. This will help quiet your mind. A few decades ago, when I was experimenting with computers, I often had issues with my desktop as it would often shut down or freeze without warning.

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Some would say it was because of the process, I should change my pattern and follow a new pattern when using the computer. Others would say, I should meditate about my use of computer and it would miraculously resolve the problem.

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I now understand that the problem was not psychological but neurological. The real problem is that most people and even neurologists associate laughter with the positive aspects of it, such as releasing stress and bonding when appropriate. Inappropriate laughter is rarely investigated and the incredibly negative consequences of it, such as inability to build trust with others, are just ignored. Thanks for discussing the issue Sam, but I guess that time will prove you wrong and you will realize that your understanding of the profound causes of nervous laughter are neurological first and should only be addressed at the neurological level.

I just nervous laughed at your super unecessariky aggressive comment. I tend to nervous laugh when I have just finished making a statement or are commenting on something. Thanks for relating and for the helpful article, Sam! I have a stupid smile!

Eveytime someone is talking to me, no matter how serious the subject, I have a huge grin on my face. I can not stand this behaviour of mine.

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Laugh for No Reason Paperback – June 1, Dr. Madan Kataria, the merry medicine man from India, is a practising physician at Mumbai and editor of the health magazine "Your Own Doctor." I recently purchased this page soft cover book (Laugh for no reason: revised edition by. Laugh for No Reason [Madan Kataria] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Brand New paperback (as shown) Laugh for No Reason FAST.

I will definitely try these methods and hopefully will improve. I get nervous many times in front of many of my very close and intimate friends and as a result use to get a nervous laugh. Even when the other guy insults me then to ease up the tension I start to laugh then also.

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Just then, a question raises its head. PBA can go undiagnosed as people may confuse it with a mood disorder like depression especially if the person cries a lot. In a public park, he gathered a small group of people and would tell them funny stories. And the brighter outlook he was gaining from his companions and the game spread to other parts of his life. We all have access to so much wisdom and guidance inside of us Adds joy and zest to life Eases anxiety and tension Relieves stress Improves mood Strengthens resilience.

How to overcome this habit? I feel like Lenny. My face always looks like I am about to bust out laughing. A silly face even in serious situations. Others constantly notice. I wake up in the morning dreading going out in public. The harder I try to physically stifle this look, the more it is obvious, because I am always aware of it. I feel so silly and vulnerable. I am definitely going to try your suggestion of changing the routine.

If you have other suggestions or have heard of similar situations, please let me know. Thank You. Thank You so much for your response! Because I constantly try to force my face to have a serious and relaxed look especially my mouth , I actually feel like I am about to laugh. In other words, it has the reverse effect. The interesting thing is that when I am at home and not around people, or even at night when I am driving, so I know people cannot see me, I am not thinking about it, so everything is normal.

I am totally relaxed. So I have numerous subliminal and self hypnosis downloads to try and help me relax and focus around people. I also take calming herbal products daily to try and help me relax and focus. That is all I know to do. Hi Ric. Thanks for your response. This describes me so well.

Extreme Laughing in an Elevator!

There seems to be no runner or reason as to who will elicit this from me. Hey why not? A genuine smile is a key in attraction.

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I, too, have found replacing nervous laughter with a smile is much easier than eliminating the behavior altogether. So I have started a new job. Its ridiculous! I saw on one of your replies you said to meditate. How would this be helpful for me? Maybe other suggestions or recommendations? We started including pranayama in our laughter exercises.

Hence, the name laughter yoga. That group of five people has expanded to countries today. Laughter yoga is the medium that can provide sustained laughter. My own sense of humour has improved with laughter yoga. For what kind of health issues does laughter strike as most effective to you? Cancer and depression are two main areas where laughter yoga works outstandingly. Oxygen is critical in healing cancer patients. If the body has enough oxygen, it can fight the cancer cells. And, laughing generates oxygen in the body.

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Cancer, just like snake bites, is fatal due to fear. And laughing helps us change our attitude and perception. Laughter takes you to the deeper places of the mind that also require silence. It has shown very good results with deaf and mute children. When we worked with children with such handicaps, there was a significant improvement in their speech just after a few classes. Laughter yoga is like a cardiovascular therapy that has the same effect as aerobics without needing much body movement. Where does laughter yoga stand in a world dominated by stand-up comedy and sitcoms, which are equally destressing.

People often question the need for adopting laughter yoga in a world of sitcoms and stand-up comedy. To them, I want to say that the real benefits of laughing come from sustained laughter. Laughter arising from humour is not sustained. Also, jokes work differently for different people. Some would find a joke amusing and others may find the same boring.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Soon, we will open our first Laughter Yoga University in Bangalore, where people can learn everything about laughter yoga. They can also live as a community. Laughing is easy when there are no problems.