Im Not Saying, Im Just Saying

“I’m just saying”
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Assuming of course it is a regional thing I'm specifically in Los Angeles I think it is another slang saying that my generation has put being statements, so as to not offend anyone, or to place emphasis on the fact that it is an opinion being stated. The expression all good is used often to say no problems, no worries. My opinion is all that matters. You guessed it: black. I've most often taken "just sayin'" to mean "I hold the stated belief, but I don't have an imperative to act on that belief.

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“I sort of just wanted to point out . . . ” isn’t doing you or your listeners any favors.

What you use when you are trying to insinuate something and they pick up on it. It's like a get out of free jail card for those moments. Guy: Tiffany's ugly as shit. Guy 2: wait, what? Guy: I'm not saying, I'm just saying. Guy 2: eh, guess you're right. She is pretty fucking ugly. #sorry not.

Your feedback will be reviewed. I'm just saying. I'm just saying I think it could have been done a little more carefully , that's all.

Isn't it a bit small for you? Just saying. Translations of I'm just saying in Chinese Traditional.

I'm just saying!

Need a translator? Translator tool. I'm not saying I'm so hungry , I could eat a horse idiom. I'm telling you idiom.