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What could stoke that fire even more? Just then they break from the sideline partitions wearing colonial garb, right down to the powdered wigs and frock coats, and reel off three snappy renditions from the Hamilton soundtrack. They swirl and loop in distinctly non-geometrical shapes, coattails flaring in the wind, with batons flying thirty, forty feet in the air in perfect synchrony.

Aggie Theatre

The crowd takes it all in amid a stunned silence before erupting into a roar of approval. By choosing I Accept , you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. Reddit Pocket Flipboard Email.

This poll is closed. We recently visited with David to get his thoughts on the upcoming game between the Aggies and the Rebels. Can you give some insight into why that was the case?


Forty Years at Aggieland [Edwin H. Cooper] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. He tells humorous stories about his life. They include the. He tells humorous stories about his life. They include the love of fishing in the San Marcos River, student life at A&M, serving his country as a tank platoon leader.

Secondly, you have an Aggie tradition, at least of late, of folding the tents in November. Ole Miss is against them in that regard. David Walker led the Aggies to victory in the Sun Bowl. David Walker: Both quarterbacks had superlative performances last week, and I expect a high scoring game this week, particularly since neither team has shown a proclivity for playing defense. Further, the Aggies have had difficulty getting their guys open against great athletes. Special teams always play a role, and both sides are solid in these respects. None of my plans worked out. Without the Church I would have become frustrated but instead it was an amazing and roller coaster discernment process. Discerning your vocation and role in life is easy to do as a Catholic at St.

Welcome to Aggieland - Texas A&M University

Pro-life work is very rewarding and also difficult at times. There are victories and defeats, many Easter Sundays and many Good Fridays. The Church is the stabilizer.

It was here long before our culture and will be here long after our culture. The Church is only thing you can trust in a very confused and hardened world. Between John Paul II and Mother Teresa we know that living our Catholic faith bears much fruit in a world that often claims it wants nothing to do with religion.

Bob and Glenda Byrns 1974

There is not a stronger voice for God or truth right now in our world than Pope Benedict and we must humbly and courageously live our faith as he does. However both of these reactions create great opportunities for conversion. An angry clinic worker is at least passionate and they usually see power in the prayer and that fuels their frustration.

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We can do very little with the cold and lukewarm but passion can lead to conversion. Their devotionals were disturbing to say the least but it did get national media attention and introduced 40 Days of Life to a lot of new people. The bewildered reaction allows them to re-think what they are doing and this is a more common reaction.

The vigils consists of faithful Christians, moms praying rosaries, Knights of Columbus, nuns, priests — hardly the mob they were expecting. This takes them off guard and also turns the focus on the nature of their work.

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  • Interview With Aggie Catholic Shawn Carney: Co-Founder of 40 Days for Life.

Her book Unplanned is a must read for every Aggie Catholic. I met Abby my freshman year through the fence at Planned Parenthood and had no idea what was ahead. As of this past Easter Abby herself is now an Aggie Catholic. Persecution is not suggested by our Lord it is promised and while most of the vigils are very uneventful we do get out fair share of persecution. People drive by showing us 1 finger so we know we are number 1 and have had volunteers berated by abortion doctors as they leave the facility.