Defending Associative Duties (Routledge Studies in Ethics and Moral Theory)

Routledge Studies in Ethics and Moral Theory
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Description Table of Contents Author s Bio. Summary This book explores the associative duties we owe to our children, parents, friends, colleagues, associates and compatriots and defends a novel account which justifies such duties through the realization of values that are produced in these various kinds of social relationships.


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This is a slow, on-going process. There are two other important cognitive faculties that must be mentioned. Given that I am well-read, it would be good if I were to contribute to the group, and my participating would certainly not be unjust or immoral. Kant capped the decade with the publication of the third and final critique, Critique of the Power of Judgment One serious difficulty with this sort of grounding of special obligations is that it appeals to the psychological states of those to whom the obligations are owed. Parfit, Derek,

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In , with support from the Kennedy Institute of Ethics, he organized a symposium on ancillary-care obligations in developing countries, which led to further work on the topic. In , he published a book on the topic: Moral Entanglements: The Ancillary-Care Obligations of Medical Researchers Oxford University Press , which refines and defends the philosophical basis of what he calls the "partial-entrustment" model of ancillary-care obligations.

Richardson earned graduate degrees in law and public policy at Harvard before getting his PhD there under John Rawls in Image credit: Martha Stewart. In a interview, Dr.

Routledge Studies in Ethics and Moral Theory

Richardson reflects on our moral responsibilities toward future generations: "Climate change poses ethical problems because it threatens the enjoyment of basic human rights at a vast scale … we must act to protect cultural and biological diversity; we must not irreversibly damage the common heritage of mankind. Email Download CV Website.

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