Deborah, a Mother In Israel: The Divine Response to a Decadent Society

Deborah, a Mother in Israel
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Unholy alliances are deadly enemies to spiritual power. Whatever would mar our relationship with God must be looked upon as the poison of a serpent. Our strongest point for God will be the point most incessantly assaulted by the devil and the Spirit-resisting world. Complete Failure. But he knew not that the Lord was departed from him" chapter , While he slept his locks were cut off, and his strength went from him. He shakes himself as at other times, but it is only himself he shakes. The mighty enemy-shaking power of the presence of the Lord was gone.

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He is now but a withered branch, fit to be cast into the fire at the hands of men John When the Spirit of God is grieved our defense as servants is gone Numbers When the Spirit of the Lord departed from Saul, at that moment he began to fall 1 Samuel His strength lay not in his locks, but that head that had never felt the touch of a razor was a witness of his consecration to the will of God. In losing his hair he lost his testimony for God.

The power of the Spirit of God alone can make us true witnesses for Christ. Without this we may shake ourselves in feverish effort, but this will only reveal our utter weakness. For a servant of Christ to be as weak as other men is doing dishonor to the Spirit of God.

Samson is not the only servant of God who has lost his power through worldliness and self-indulgence v. Much of the powerless preaching of today may be traced to the same cause.

Walk among saints and conquerors in Jaffa’s old city

No one can possibly fail in the work of the Lord who lives and acts in the power of the Holy Spirit Philippians Terrible Bondage. He was betrayed by the woman whom he loved, and on whose knees he slept the fatal sleep. The pleasures of sin always deliver over its votaries to spiritual blindness and bondage. Poor Samson. How are the mighty fallen!

Let us take warning, and beware of worldly pleasures that ensnare the soul to the grieving of the Holy Spirit.

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Is there none among us whose service for God and His Christ is performed under the same conditions as Samson worked in the prison-house of Gaza? Blind and fettered servants, to whom the house of prayer becomes as a prison, a place to be got out of as soon as possible.

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His separation was not by vow, but by birth Numbers If we have been "born of God," created anew in Christ Jesus, surely that is enough in itself to teach us that we should be separated in our lives from a world of sin and iniquity. Erickson: Serial Killers and the Aftermath. Everyone has expressions of each one of these aspects of the Child within his psyche, although one aspect is usually so dominant that it eclipses the energy of the others. Laura E. It is not. They may have different names and book titles, but the same basic laws of teaching. Chipps Eds.

We have neither eyes to see nor liberty to serve, unless we are filled with the Holy Spirit. Apart from this the Lord's work will become a drudgery and a slavery. Prison grinders instead of triumphant warriors. Final Victory. Out of the depths of his sorrow and helplessness he cried unto the Lord. This is the only time we read of him acknowledging the Lord. His urgent and pitiful request is granted.

If we have lost our power for God there is only one way whereby it can be restored—confession and fresh consecration. Samson's dying cry was for one more manifestation of the old power, that he might die as a victor; and like Jesus Christ, our unfailing Conqueror, by the grace of God he overcame more by his death than his life. Our own restoration to God must precede the ingathering of souls Psalm , Our own eyes are about the poorest guides under Heaven.

What foolish and sinful creatures we are when the guiding hand of God is not with us!

Such were some of us, but you are washed. The old self-life, even religious life, is just the doing of that which is right in our own eyes. When Saul said, "What will You have me to do? The nameless young man brought before us here is worthy of close study on account of—.

According to Numbers 8 the Levites were called of God, separated and sanctified for the work of the Lord. Their work was to look after the different parts of the Tabernacle when the pillar of cloud moved, and to rebuild this House of God. They were God's separated ones for His own service Numbers He is on the outlook for a call; he has no desire to spend the time in idleness. He is an industrious and perhaps conscientious young man; hoping that if he could only find a place he might be helpful in some way.

It is a sure sign that the House of God is in ruins when the professed servants of God are seeking work at the hands of men. It was otherwise in the days of Moses and Joshua; it was otherwise also in the days of Christ and His apostles. It is the Lord of the harvest who is to send out laborers.

Pray you Him Matthew How often young men are pleaded with to go. Why not pray the Lord the Spirit to send them? Acts First Call. So he went in" chapter Tired of his itinerancy, he accepted the first offer. It was not a large place, only a small congregation one family , and a small salary. The living was worth about 1 a year with board and lodgings. He had been doing nothing for a while, "so he went in. Had he not been a traitor to God he could not have ministered in such a house, for it was full of idols v. But doubtless the "ten shekels," etc. He is more concerned about his own personal advantage than the cause of God.

A mere hireling chapter The root idea of consecration seems to be to "fill the hands," so that the worship or service may be abundantly acceptable in the sight of God 1 Chronicles , marg. This was the chief aspect in the consecration of Aaron and his sons. Then how could Micah, a worshiper of idols, fill the hands of the Levite with that which is pleasing unto God? No more can you, except you are filled with the Holy Spirit. But the young minister seemed perfectly satisfied with this hollow and empty consecration.

What is the value of such empty hands laid on the empty head of him who has an empty heart? Then the Danites said unto him, "Hold your peace, and go with us; it is better for you to be a priest to a tribe than to one man. And the priest's heart was glad, and he went" chapter , This was a call to a larger sphere of labor on the condition that he should "hold his peace" and not expose their criminal craftiness.

He accepted the call, virtually promising to keep his mouth shut on the sin of stealing. A man-made minister is only a minister after man see Galatians If a man has no revelation from God he has no commission from Him. We must see Jesus if we are to be witnesses for Him. The fear of man brings a snare. An enlarged sphere of usefulness did not improve in any way the faithless Levite; it only served to show more fully his godless and time-serving spirit. Higher positions and larger congregations are not enough to make a successful ministry.

A self-seeking servant of Christ will always be powerless in the presence of ungodliness and open iniquity.

The unprincipled young Levite suddenly drops out of sight as a lifeless, worthless thing. He has wrought no reform among the idolatrous Danites; he has left no faithful example behind him.

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He came as an unclean bird, devoured so much flesh, and flew off we know not where. But Micah's graven image still stands in their midst and usurps the place of the God of Israel. His successor was no better than himself. In this instance it was "like people, like priest. Remember that Scripture is always the best commentary on Scripture. Therefore the inclusion of specific links does not indicate that we agree with every comment. We have made a sincere effort to select only the most conservative, " bibliocentric " commentaries. Should you discover some commentary or sermon you feel may not be orthodox, please email your concern.

I have removed several links in response to concerns by discerning readers. I recommend that your priority be a steady intake of solid Biblical food so that with practice you will have your spiritual senses trained to discern good from evil Heb note. Why Study Judges? Judges Judges 2. Judges An Unlikely Salvation M. Men of Faith or Sketches from the Book of Judges. Judges 6: Don't Get Fleeced! We observe here— I. A Work of Grace.