Aspects of Quebec Nationalism

Ethnic Nationalists Won the Quebec Election. What Fueled Their Rise?
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Others, such as Fernand Ouellet , are convinced that nationalism had its origin soon after when social strains and economic crises increased animosity between French and English inhabitants of Lower Canada.

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Wherever the debate may lead, it is clear that French Canadian nationalism has been present for at least years and that, because of its nature, it will probably endure as long as a significant number of Canadians continue to speak French as their first language see Historiography in French. For over a century, French Canadian nationalism was generally linked to conservative causes and to the perpetuation of a traditional society.

For the clerical and professional elite, fidelity to language, culture and religion implied respect for the acceptance of the established social order in which the Roman Catholic Church dominated, agriculture was lauded as society's material and moral foundation, parish and family were the basic social institutions, commercial and industrial pursuits were disdained, and foreign influences were shunned.

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Quebec nationalism or Québécois nationalism asserts that the Québécois people are a nation, In effect, this "enlightened" action by leaders in the British Parliament allowed French Canada to retain its unique characteristics. Although . It presents the parameters that define contemporary Quebec nationalism and its elements of the political and social classes denounced the kidnapping and.

To what extent was this concept of nationalism shared by common people? The very insistence with which the clerical elite defended its concept of society betrayed the existence of challenges to the social order, especially when nationalist credos seemed to conflict with conditions for individual material betterment. Nationalism between the s and the s also had important political aspects.

'Renewed' Bloc Quebecois launches nationalist, Quebec-only election campaign

It meant denying the conclusion of the celebrated Durham Report that the "inferior" French Canadian nation would be absorbed. It also meant struggling against the conditions imposed by the Act of Union which in joined Upper and Lower Canada into a single colony. It also meant an unrelenting campaign, with considerable popular support, against what was regarded as British imperialism - political, economic and especially military. Henri Henri Bourassa 's nationalist group led this battle, which culminated in the conscription crisis when French Canada massively refused compulsory military service overseas.

‘Battle for Quebec’ to be decided today amid climate of renewed nationalism

This crisis was replayed during WWII, though this time with somewhat less dramatic political consequences. After some nationalists became increasingly preoccupied with economic questions.

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Errol Bouchette argued that French Canadians must take hold of their industry and avoid yielding the province's natural resources cheaply to foreign control. Others, in an effort to promote French Canadian commerce, led "Buy French Canada" campaigns and warned against the patronizing of Jewish establishments.

Following WWII, rapid changes in French Canadian society, characterized by increasing diversity, led to new expressions of nationalism see Quiet Revolution.

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No one can deny that the rapid and at time radical socioeconomic, political, and institutional transformations that have marked Quebec society over the past thirty-five were largely aimed at redressing two centuries of second-class status, two centuries of injustice and inequality. New immigrants to Quebec were also forced to send their children to French schools. Another component of the new nationalism was statism. Anglophones and other ethnocultural minorities vented their their frustration at being made to feel like strangers in a land where many of them had roots as far back as the 18th and 19th centuries. The middle-class French of Quebec and Montreal acted as intermediaries between the working-class French and the English industrial and commercial leaders. The implications for the continuance of Canada were far greater than before. This was proved by the ridicule heaped on Maxime Bernier recently, when the formerly Conservative MP said that the issue should be debated at a national level, and founded a new party to address that and other issues.

For them the solution was political independence. In the early s several parties and movements sprang up, preaching independence within a variety of social frameworks ranging from the extreme left to the extreme right.

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In that government adopted a French Language Charter see Bill which generally responded to nationalist language desires although its progressive weakening by the courts revealed anxieties. The failure of the Meech Lake Accord stimulated a vigorous renaissance of French-Canadian nationalism as many Quebeckers concluded that constitutional renewal was impossible.

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Laforest, Reconciling the Solitudes ; P. Linteau, R.

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Although an advanced society, Quebec is, in the powerful optic of nationalism, retarded. It presents us, then, with an interesting example of the political and cultural vicissitudes of nationalism as a serialized, global project. Its case also allows us to take the measure of the nationalist intellectual in the new cultural landscape of postmodernism. The number of Catholic priests in Quebec dropped from 8, around to 4, in In this setting the nationalist character of secular intellectuals has been largely taken as a given: they are the organic intellectuals of the nation-state, defining themselves against the universalism of the Catholic clergy.

Kevin Pask Late Nationalism: The Case of Quebec T he experience of nationalism in Quebec remains an oddly belated affair—especially considering its proximity to the United States, with its precocious example of nation-statehood.

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